One of my favorite definitions of the term “Abundance” is “oversufficient”, meaning that we have more than we need.

As we stand and the doorstep of 2017, a lot of us wish ourselves and each other that the starting year would be a year of abundance. We wish that we have enough money, enough work, enough food, enough love. We wish that we never know lack in the coming year.

But abundance is more than the opposite of lack. That opposite is having enough. Abundance is a quantity that’s above and beyond our mere NEEDS. Abundance is when we can’t or won’t even count, because it’s pointless.

Abundance is exemplified in the Bible when Josef was appointed by Pharaoh to oversee gathering the crops during the seven good years so that Egypt won’t starve during the 7 years of famine to follow. “And Joseph gathered corn as the sand of the sea, very much, until he left numbering; for it was without number.” Genesis 41:49. Now, that’s Abundance!

What would we actually do if we had an endless supply of everything that we needed or wanted? That is one question that every purpose coach asks, right? If money were no object, like – really no object, what would you do?

Some people default to gather, collect and contain. Put differently – to hoard. Given that we come from a past of lack, we have a difficulty to grasp abundance. It does not matter that you may live happily with the notion of an endless supply; our psychological history get the upper hand and we switch to a “saver” mode. Grab it now for later is uncertain.

on rare occasions we meet a person who embodies the understanding of Abundance. And when you meet a person who has that level of faith in being taken care of – always – so that never shall there be lack, you also have met a person who has no reason to collect, save, or worry about tomorrow. People like that redirect what they do not consume and give it away. They are philanthropic. They give. Not only do they give what they don’t need now but they give what they may want tomorrow, because tomorrow there will be another one, for the supply is abundant.

Don’t get me wrong… I am “work in progress” on everything Abundance. I am still learning to trust. And I look with amazement at some of my friends who embodied that belief that there is always enough to go around, and somehow they seem to have all they need and then some. Always. Hmmm…

I also find it intriguing to consider that world where there is always enough of everything. A world where no one needs to worry about putting food on the table. A world where everyone has a roof over their heads and no resources are short. Think about it, enough water, enough food, enough for everyone. Where there is enough resources there is no reason to argue, or fight for it. Tell you what: happy, satisfied people don’t start wars.

Here is the funny part: abundance is all around us. It’s been said over and over again. The world grows enough food to feed everyone. Economies can be stabilized to sustain all of humanity. It isn’t that we cannot make it happen. We just won’t.

I suspect the reason for that is deeply rooted in our perception of ‘me’ as being a separate then other people, and compounded by distrust that’s induced by upbringing (“don’t speak to ….” strangers, that’s right). Ultimately, since ‘me’ is separate than ‘you’, then by generalization ‘us’ is separate and different than ‘them’ with an appropriately larger level of distrust. And since ‘we’ cannot trust ‘them’, we gather a bunch of ‘us’ to protect our resources and make sure no one ‘else’ touches it. You want it, you pay for it! IF we would even sell it to you. And just for good measure we charge more and more because control creates shortage, and shortage creates demand, and demand is good for business. From there, the rest of our Geo-political and economic realities of the 21st century develop and are explained pretty easily.

But Abundance is an underlying principle of life. Nature is abundant. As long as we don’t mangle with it.

Let’s create something else this year. Let’s learn to dismantle the separatism that keeps us pitted against each other. Personally, and in groups.