riverImagine yourself standing at the bank of a river. I bet that you wouldn’t ask yourself “what if the water upstream stopped”. It is just not the first question that most people would ask. The experience of that river is an experience of abundance. There is more than enough water, and it seems to come out of an ever flowing, never ending source.

Life seems to work in the same way, Nature seems to be doing its perpetual sameness forever. We have abundance all around us. Yet, we also complain about it not showing up in our own little window that we call ‘my life’. “Yes” we say, “there is a lot of business happening all around me but it does not come to me”. Or, “everyone who’s a great person is already taken, I guess I will stay single forever!”

How do we tap into the abundance of everything around us?


Maybe the question isn’t how to tap into what’s around us. Maybe the key is to get that we are not separate from the rest of Nature and Life. We are part of it. Therefore, we are part of abundance whether we like it or not. Apparently we choose to be a part of it that separates itself from the rest by not participating. Here is what I mean…

Let’s get back to the river. We have a choice. We can stand by the river and look or we can go in and enjoy it. If we choose to stand by and look, we can also claim that the river passes by us and never gets to us. It would be as much as complaining about Life’s abundance not coming to us.

Take it another step. We can go into the river ankle deep, or knee deep, or all the way. we can swim in it and let it take us, or hold on to the river bank and not let go. You get the picture: the more we go in and let go, the more we participate.

So what does that have to do with being?

We become what we think of. Put differently, if we think something is one way or another then for us it s so. Whatever we choose to think about Life and its abundance becomes part of who we are, and our behaviors and future choices stem from that initial decision.

Think that things are good and you become a positive person.

Think that life is safe and you become confident and willing to let go which, in turn, allows you to tap into the most out of Life.

So the question is: what has your thinking made you, in your core, driven by your core beliefs.

Who you are being will determine how much of the flow you are willing to tap into.

For Abundance is there for you to tap into. But you need to DO IT. And you can only do it if that is the kind of person who would.