Dare. It’s a new approach to things!

You don't actually have to jump out of airplanes or climb walls to live a daring life. But you do have to dare. Why? because daring is what allows you to do things you haven't done before. Try something new, not knowing if and how well it could work. Daring expand your horizons. Daring is [...]

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Apply Curiosity to Engage Abuandance

There are many definitions to Curiosity and none that I love better than this: The Spirit of Inquiry. There is so much wisdom in this definition, that all the rest of them are, in as far as I am concerned, no longer required. Spirit. Ever wondered about curiosity in children? The more curious they are, [...]

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Being: The Doorway To Letting Abundance In

Imagine yourself standing at the bank of a river. I bet that you wouldn't ask yourself "what if the water upstream stopped". It is just not the first question that most people would ask. The experience of that river is an experience of abundance. There is more than enough water, and it seems to come [...]

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One of my favorite definitions of the term "Abundance" is "oversufficient", meaning that we have more than we need. As we stand and the doorstep of 2017, a lot of us wish ourselves and each other that the starting year would be a year of abundance. We wish that we have enough money, enough work, [...]

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Let us be the peace seekers

My brother Master Photographer Ari Baltinester took this picture in The UNESCO Tolerance & Peace square in Haifa two years ago on Christmas eve. I believe that no country, no people, no religion and no ethnicity seeks either war or peace as a collective. It is the INDIVIDUALS who do. History can show us that very clearly. [...]

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What do hermits do on Thanksgiving?

I was reflecting on what am I grateful for today. The first answer to come up was Guidance. I am grateful that when I open to it, guidance comes my way and allows people to experience such powerful breakthroughs when they work with me. The next was Opportunity. I am grateful for the opportunity to [...]

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One of my all time favorite teachers Steven Pressfield, author of “The War of Art”

Watching one of my all time favorite teachers Steven Pressfield, author of "The War of Art" on #SuperSoulSunday... Steven shared a perspective from the Jewish Kaballah: We exist on two plains: on a physical level and the level of the soul. Our soul tries to communicate to us (if we would only listen) and we try [...]

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The universe is trying it hardest to send me abundance

This morning's beach walk was fun for a while until that 3ft wave came in. Totally different than the rest, and of course, much higher. A couple seconds later, completely wet and dripping, I started a slow retreat to my car, wondering if my proximity keys would even work, and counting my blessings.... Waterproof seat [...]

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