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Defined Process – Actual Strategies – Complete Success
“When I met Yoram I just published my book “Whatever it takes – Face change, overcome obstacles and make your life extraordinary”. I wanted to create a workshop that shared the essence of my book with the public, to help people make their own lives extraordinary, but I had some questions and I needed some help. I contacted Yoram and he took me through a defined process that provided me with actual strategies for planning, structuring and delivering my event. I appreciated Yoram’s direct style, when challenges appeared, he was great at helping me sustain focus and keep away from overwhelm. As my workshop came closer Yoram was there to answer quick tactical questions. When the workshop started I had people in the room, I was clearly prepared and I knew where I was taking the room and my people. My workshop was a complete success! Yoram Baltinester is a master at helping people create workshops and seminars. His guidance and mentorship saved me from a lot of unforeseen problems. Thank You!”
Nicholas Ugoalah, Vancouver, Canada 5 times Canadian Wresting Champion; Member of Canada’s Wrestling Hall of Fame
One of my biggest breakthroughs
“I’ve known Yoram for 3 years and every time we connect, be in a live meeting or online, I always walk away with a breakthrough! I can say last year I had one of my biggest breakthroughs in my personal life thanks to him. Yoram loves helping people look inside of themselves on a deep level, brings in new knowledge from his continuous desire to learn and develop himself to be a better trainer for those he works with, has high integrity, is dedicated & committed to create positive transformation in those he works with. I very highly recommend Yoram’s services whether it is one-on-one coaching, group training or facilitating a program.”
Annie Kallis, Melbourne, Australia Founder and CEO, Coffee Time Coaching
Clear Away the Confusion
“Yoram Baltinester is a magical being, a wonderful soul to bounce ideas off of, to be heard and witnessed. He truly is a Personal Development Samurai and helped me get clear with the confusion I had about something important to me. I’m just sayin’… He put himself out there and offered, so I took him up on it and glad I did.”
P. Valerie Dauphin, Los Angeles CA Personal Success Coach & Dance Fitness Instructor, Founder of
One Session with Yoram
“Yoram Baltinester is an impactful, and results-oriented Coach. I have known Yoram for almost a year now and have had the opportunity to observe and learn from him in extensive, exhilarating and experiential Mastermind groups! He is one of my “go-to” colleagues, whose trusted, honest, authentic expert advice I truly care to seek, understand and apply. One session with Yoram, gave me the confidence to make some powerful shift in my thinking, and make decisions that could change my life. One of the decisions was to officially launch my elite training & development company and take myself and my business to new heights. What I understood from Yoram’s wisdom was that sometimes we have to take a different course or route to get to our definitive purpose in life, whether it is uplifting and empowering others as a CEO or as a daughter, wife, and a mother.”
Gagan Sarkaria, MFA, MBA, Dallas, TX Founder & CEO of Unfold Your Success™
I found my authentic self!
“One group coaching call and talking with Yoram Baltinester in person have opened up an area that I have never thought about. Thank you Yoram for your love and insight to Mirek and me! You have come into my life at a crucial moment, at a point where I was going to make a transition in search of authentic self — changing my name to that which I was born with – WISDOM! Thank you for your wisdom!”
Darah Wachowiak, Las Vegas, NV Dream Architect, Awaken the dead to dream again!