curiosity-1910023_1280There are many definitions to Curiosity and none that I love better than this:

The Spirit of Inquiry.

There is so much wisdom in this definition, that all the rest of them are, in as far as I am concerned, no longer required.

Spirit. Ever wondered about curiosity in children? The more curious they are, the more alive they get. Such aliveness that it compels you to smile. An innocent, alive curiosity that indicates “I am here to learn. I wonder about this thing and I shall find out”.

Inquiry. Curiosity is not out there to look for answers. Not at all. It seeks alternatives. It wants more and more, not to ever stop. It lives inside of a question and it won’t let it go because it knows that an answer is a ‘game over’ flag.

As we look into aspects of Abundance, it immediately follows that the more questions we ask they more we discover. The more inquisitive we become the more ways we find to tap into that abundance. As we find more ways we may also find better ways than we had in the past. Then we can better tap into abundance in our lives.

So how do you invoke curiosity? True, as a baby or a young child you have it going for you naturally and you are just being curious. But as we grow and get indoctrinated at school we learn to bottle up curiosity because we get rewarded to know the answer rather than live in the question. After ten or twenty years of schooling we allow curiosity to last only as long as it takes Google to spit out thirty five million answers to our question. Discovery is not an option. Research means ask Cortana. Or Siri, or Google. So yes, how do you invoke curiosity?

Ask questions. It’s that simple. Do not accept answers too quickly. Look deeper. Find more angles to look at a problem. Invest some time to BE with the question, so you may construct different and new conclusions. Ask:

  • What else could this mean?
  • What may I learn from this?
  • How else can I respond to it?
  • What other ways are there that I can participate in it?

For the brave ones who would actually venture into curiosity, a hint: it will serve you well to take deep, conscious breaths. Nothing like breathing to ground us, make us present and alleviate the panicky rush to find an answer. It is not easy to live in uncertainty. Boy did I learn it the hard way. But it has its rewards for those who are willing to take that heat.

The more you ask, the more you re-learn to be curious, and the more answers you will have. Eventually.

Be Curious!