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Decisive Action Workshop is a one-day event designed to expose and clarify the mechanism that stops people from taking action, and how you can work with it get in motion and stay in motion until you hit your target.

WHO is this for

  • You want to see results faster.
  • You want to create something new in your life and don’t know how to start.
  • You want specific, tangible, tactical, processes that you can take and use successfully right away.
  • You know there is a bigger game for you but can’t see how to get there.
  • You feel you can help more people but feel alone in your cause.
  • You somehow lost your ‘self’ that you had years ago.
  • You feel that you want greater impact on the community around you.
  • You know life could be more fun and exciting if you can get things done quickly and easily
  • You want to start a new career based on your true passions and need a plan.
  • You seek the confidence to stand for what you believe in.
  • You have been to all the other programs and they did not work.
  • How to get results 10 times faster in business and life.
  • What is that mechanism that stops us and slows our results.
  • How it work, how to defeat it and how to control life and drive it at the speed you want
  • How to identify who is with you and who is unhelpful and how to make them ALL helpful.
  • What to do to make life successful in spite of everything that might be in your way.
  • What you need to do to get focused and stay focused.
  • How to recognize opportunity and success and go for it, not run from it.
  • How to use any good or bad thing that happens to you to propel you forward.
  • How to move people to follow you to make a long-lasting difference spanning places, businesses, communities or the entire world.

This is a workshop, not a playshop. It is not a hyped rah-rah get-up-and-dance then run-and-buy event. I don’t like these, and neither should you. This is a get-down-to-business and lets-get-results full day workshop. This is an experiential event where you and others transform life and business together.

Be clear about your goals

We have a love-hate relationship with goals and goal setting. At the end of the workshop you will stop fearing goal setting, design some goals, drop other goals and be clear about what you are after.

Be able to identify immediately what stops you when it does

Most worthy goals face challenges. You will be able to identify these challenges, know what to do about it, figure out who can help you, and go for it. Simple, powerful, and effective.

Take Decisive Action

Decisive Action is in the core of what we teach. It is an action taken from the heart, based on your values and reflecting your personality. It is by far the most powerful expression of who you are that you can put forth and, it is the most effective action that will propel you and your business the fastest towards your goals.

Experience less obstacles

Following the Decisive Action Workshop you will experience less circumstances and barriers stopping you; people will become more co-operative. In fact, both people and your envirnment will become surprisingly collaborative with your goals and projects.