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At The ULTIMATE Workshop™ you will create an ALIGNMENT that turns your passion to a sustainable reality. You CAN do what you love, experience it, and express it without starving and at The ULTIMATE Workshop™ we show you how you can share your brilliance with the world AND charge your worth!

Investment: $997

WHO is this for

  • You wish to build 100% clarity about your purpose.
  • You want to create complete alignment among all areas of your life.
  • You know there is a bigger game for you and you want to get there.
  • You feel trapped doing one thing while you wish you had the freedom to do something else.
  • You want specific, tangible, tactical, processes that you can take and use successfully right away.
  • You somehow lost your ‘self’ that you had years ago.
  • You feel that you want greater impact on the community around you.
  • You wish life could more fun and exciting and want to learn how to achieve that.
  • You want to start a new career based on your true passions and need a plan.
  • You seek higher truths and want to have success with authenticity and consciousness.
  • You have been to all the other programs and they did not work.
  • What are the two non-negotiable values that drive your entire life
  • How to create your personal rules that will keep you on track for good.
  • How to create sustainable alignment in your life – an alignment that does not crumble by the time you get back home from the workshop.
  • Why most people actively steer away from their goals and purpose.
  • Why most people avoid opportunity and success that is right in front of them.
  • How to recognize opportunity and success and go for it, not run from it.
  • How to use any good or bad thing that happens to you to propel you forward.
  • How to articulate your value and your message in such a powerful way that everyone gets it.
  • How to define, plan and create success in anything you like.
  • How to earn more money, making a bigger difference, having less drama and no stress at all.
  • How to move people to follow you to make a long-lasting difference spanning places, businesses, communities or the entire world.

This is a workshop, not a playshop. It is not a hyped rah-rah get-up-and-dance then run-and-buy event. I don’t like these, and neither should you. This is a get-down-to-business designing your life 3 day workshop. This is an experiential event where you and others transform life and business together.

Have total Clarity

Your truth – your life – your purpose! We will help you write a Personal Life Success Formula that reflects you and your life. It creates a clarity about your purpose and your reasons as a means to highlight for you and others what you are committed to. It directs you to express who you are and share it with the world to make the most contribution to the people you serve.

Be able to identify your best clients immediately and powerfully attract them to you

Some people could be clients and some would even want to become clients but not all of them are who YOUR best clients are. How do you tell the difference? At the end of the workshop you will have that clarity of who you want to work with and what makes them YOUR best clients. With clarity comes power; the power to have these people attracted to you almost irresistibly.

Take Decisive Action

Decisive Action is in the core of what we teach. It is an action taken from the heart, based on your values and reflecting your personality. It is by far the most powerful expression of who you are that you can put forth and, it is the most effective action that will propel you and your business the fastest towards your goals.

Rid yourself of negativity

Have you ever had a conversation inside your head that sounded really negative? Negative about you, your motives, your purpose and everything in your world. A conversation that does not help. Of course you have, we all did at one point in our lives. I will show you how to curb these conversations and replace them with productive, positive patterns that facilitate instead of destroy and disrupt.

Create your foundation of success

You cannot build success on weak foundation. You can never plan for the long term without alignment in your own life and between you and everyone on the team. Your thoughts and feelings, your team, your clarity and plan are ALL part of your foundation for success.