picture1My brother Master Photographer Ari Baltinester took this picture in The UNESCO Tolerance & Peace square in Haifa two years ago on Christmas eve.

I believe that no country, no people, no religion and no ethnicity seeks either war or peace as a collective. It is the INDIVIDUALS who do. History can show us that very clearly. One person can create peace for many; One person can destroy it for many. If you think at this point that I am pointing fingers at anyone in particular, I am not. I also believe that they both believe that they are doing the right thing in both cases.

Let us be the peace seekers. Let us petition that God, Life, The Universe blesses us with peace in our lifetime and let us on this holiday pray together for Peace in each of our hearts and Unity as a Human race, for healing for our home planet, and for Love to the how we all experience our time together. Amen.