picture4Watching one of my all time favorite teachers Steven Pressfield, author of “The War of Art” on #SuperSoulSunday… Steven shared a perspective from the Jewish Kaballah: We exist on two plains: on a physical level and the level of the soul. Our soul tries to communicate to us (if we would only listen) and we try to communicate with our souls (by praying). In between the two layers lives what is being referred to as “the evil inclination” and interferes with this communication channel as much as possible.

I have worked for years and created the foundation of my workshops and coaching with one question and one only: How come people who know what they need to do and know how to do it, aren’t doing it? (yes, I am the first name on that list)

It seems to me that as inspiration and creativity is channeled down to us from our souls that disruptive force materializes as my ego and comes up with many reasons to ignore the message. I cannot stop it by I an have a choice about who to listen to as long as I am conscious.

Similarly, every time we reach up to connect with one of our light parts of ourselves, we must accept and integrate the dark side of it or it would stop us along our way. And the more parts we integrate the stronger the channel of communication we create with our souls.