Has Trained With:

with Michael Gerber

with Dr. Donald Moine

with Marcia Wieder

With Kevin Harrington


with Ken Foster

with Eric Lofholm

with Gia Howard

with Trish Luna-deAlva

with Asha Mankowska

with Arvee Robinson

with Mara Simoneau

with Leonard Rosen

with Del Hargis

With Loral Langemeier

With Alex Mandossian

With Kathleen Blackwell

With Mara Simoneau

With Marcia Wieder

With Phillip Lechter

With Sean Adams

With Joel Roberts

With Yakov Smirnof

With Marcia Wieder

With Dr Sarah & Greg Larsen

With Tamara & Greg Montana

With Tamara & Greg Montana

With Robin Robins

With James Malinchak

With Les Brown

With Gia Howard

With Mark Yuzuik

With Alex Mandosian

With Blair Singer

With Glen Moreshower

With T Harv Eker

With Jill Lublin

With Joe Theismann

With Julie Marie Carrier

With Larry Gilman

With Janet Attwood

With Marie Smith

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