About working with Yoram

We asked a few people about their experience of working with Yoram.

We asked them how working with him had been for them and what they felt they took from it. Here is what they had to say.

“When I met Yoram I just published my book “Whatever it takes – Face change, overcome

obstacles and make your life extraordinary”.
I wanted to create a workshop that shared the essence of my book with the public, to help people make their own lives extraordinary, but I had some questions and I needed some help. I contacted Yoram and he took me through a defined process that provided me with actual strategies for planning, structuring and delivering my event. I appreciated Yoram’s direct style, when challenges appeared, he was great at helping me sustain focus and keep away from overwhelm. As my workshop came closer Yoram was there to answer quick tactical questions. When the workshop started I had people in the room, I was clearly prepared and I knew where I was taking the room and my people. My workshop was a complete success! Yoram Baltinester is a master at helping people create workshops and seminars. His guidance and mentorship saved me from a lot of unforeseen problems. Thank You!”

Annie Kallis, Melbourne, Australia Founder and CEO, Coffee Time Coaching

“I’ve known Yoram for 3 years and every time we connect, be in a live meeting or online,

I always walk away with a breakthrough! I can say last year I had one of my biggest breakthroughs in my personal life thanks to him.

Yoram loves helping people look inside of themselves on a deep level, brings in new knowledge from his continuous desire to learn and develop himself to be a better trainer for those he works with, has high integrity, is dedicated & committed to create positive transformation in those he works with. I very highly recommend Yoram’s services whether it is one-on-one coaching, group training or facilitating a program.”

Nicholas Ugoalah, Vancouver, Canada 5 times Canadian Wresting Champion; Member of Canada’s Wrestling Hall of Fame

“Yoram Baltinester is a magical being, a wonderful soul to bounce ideas off of to be heard

and witnessed. He truly is a Personal Development Samurai and helped me get clear with the confusion I had about something important to me. I’m just sayin’… He put himself out there and offered, so I took him up on it and glad I did.”

P. Valerie Dauphin, Los Angeles CA Personal Success Coach & Dance Fitness Instructor, Founder of FeelGoodKickAss.com

“Yoram Baltinester is an impactful, and results-oriented Coach. I have known Yoram

for almost a year now and have had the opportunity to observe and learn from him in extensive…

exhilarating and experiential Mastermind groups! He is one of my “go-to” colleagues, whose trusted, honest, authentic expert advice I truly care to seek, understand and apply. One session with Yoram, gave me the confidence to make some powerful shift in my thinking, and make decisions that could change my life. One of the decisions was to officially launch my elite training & development company and take myself and my business to new heights. What I understood from Yoram’s wisdom was that sometimes we have to take a different course or route to get to our definitive purpose in life, whether it is uplifting and empowering others as a CEO or as a daughter, wife, and a mother.

Gagan Sarkaria, MFA, MBA, Dallas, TX Founder & CEO of Unfold Your Success™

“One group coaching call and talking with Yoram Baltinester in person have opened

up an area that I have never thought about. Thank you Yoram for your love and insight to Mirek and me! You have come into my life at a crucial moment, at a point where I was going to make a transition in search of authentic self — changing my name to that which I was born with – WISDOM! Thank you for your wisdom!”

Darah Wachowiak, Las Vegas, NV Dream Architect, Awaken the dead to dream again!

After I lost my job in the corporate world I decided to work from home doing something

I felt passionate about. I started my business more than 2 years ago, but never really got it off the ground. I found myself in debt, and in trouble. I knew I wasn’t doing everything I could and I had to find a way to turn the business around.

I was thrilled when I heard about the Decisive Action Workshop because it sounded exactly like what I needed to do… and it was! This interactive workshop got me thinking, got me going and got me taking action.

Since I’ve completed the Decisive Action Workshop, just a few weeks ago, I’ve become focused on getting successful results. I’ve utilized the resources I didn’t realize I had, I’ve reached out to more people and taken more action. I’ve just landed my first major business account and my finances are turning around and improving every day. I’m excited about my business again! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and my business.
Thank you Yoram Baltinester for seeing your true vision and reaching out to others to see theirs as well.

Love & blessings,

Nancy Armstrong, Owner, Forever Essence


Nancy Armstrong
I’ve known Yoram Baltinester for several years, but only recently invested in his One Day VIP Intensive.

I’m a Customer service coach and my business has just been idling along and I wanted to get it moving again. I expressed some interest in Yoram’s program while being a little skeptical about how much he could do for me in one day. Yoram took the time to explain not only the process, but also the expected outcome and benefit to me, so I decided to go ahead.
I’m located in a small town in Maine, all the way across the country and a completely different demographic from southern California, but through the magic of Skype, we were able to work side by side to give direction and clarity to my business.
Yoram is a master at figuring out the best path to get to the results you’re looking for. While he knew something about me before the one day, he began by taking the time to hear me express my goals and my frustrations. With that groundwork in place, we went to work adjusting my program and giving it the structure that it sorely needed.
Now, instead of wondering if my message is clear and stumbling over and offer, I know exactly what I’m offering my clients and why. If Yoram can fit you into his schedule for a One Day VIP, it will be the best investment you have made in your business, believe me.

Bill Packard
I don’t know of a better person than Yoram Baltinester to learn the fundamentals on how to take action

in your business, your personal life, and in your relationships. Every time I interact with him, he has given me breakthrough after breakthrough. He is not only a brilliant teacher, he is an incredibly warm and genuine person who cares about you and your results.

The Decisive Action Workshop in San Diego is currently going on right now. But there is another coming up on November 19th in Phoenix, AZ. It’s a must go to event and is worth its weight in gold. Click on the link above for more details!

Yoram, you kick ass!!!”

Penny Chang
When I met Yoram Baltinester I was engaged in providing sales training to a particularly difficulti

group at a local financial institution. Yoram was able to quickly identify and make suggestions on how to correct some of the group dynamics that I experienced in the classroom. Within a couple of weeks, using the strategies he recommended, I turned around the atmosphere in the class. The students are now fully engaged in the learning process, enjoying the training and I have created better rapport with both the individuals in class and with the client executive team. Thank you Yoram for your support.

Anna Scheller, Certified Sales Trainer
“I met Yoram at a dinner while attending Marcia Weider’s Wealthy Visionary conference. Yoram asked me what

I do and I explained it in a way that really did not serve how passionate I am about my business. Yoram picked up on my body language and coached me to a more successful thought process. When I came home I reached out to him and we had a session via Skype and he worked with me before getting together with my videographer his advise really empowered me and put my mind at ease for very authentic from the heart video. A warm felt thank you Yoram. Keep helping people take decisive action you are very good at what you do . I so look forward to referring you to others that I know will benefit from your services.”

Diane Hume Dream Receiver Coaching White Rock, BC, canada
Yoram and I are part of a group called the “meaning circle” where we meet every two weeks to discuss

challenges and issues in our life. He has facilitated this group and others like ours for a number of years now. He is down to earth and a heart-centred man I have known. There is a saying that goes lie so…”If you are looking for results in your life, you are gonna have to do things you have never done before…and that may also be very uncomfortable.” * * Yoram has made me accountable and called me out many times to make sure I take action on what I am going to do. Action speaks louder than words as they say. There have been times, Yoram made me fell uncomfortable but at the same time held my hands and guided me in the right direction so I could see the results I needed. He has giving me so many insights that I was so blinded myself. That’s the “Decisive Action Approach” I am deeply indebted to Yoram because of the results i have attained in my business and in my personal life.

Keith Tong
I really enjoyed and greatly benefited from attending Yoram Baltinester’s Decisive workshop.

Heart centered is what it is. I would place it at the top of the list for introductory personal achievement workshops that give actual value to attendees.

Mark Baldwin
Yoram Baltinester is a transformational speaker whose events have helped thousands of people and

all over the world to increase their personal and business performance and contribute more to their communities and the world. * Combining multiple platforms that he learnt over his 30 plus years in the personal development arena, Yoram created Decisive Action Workshop™ and The ULTIMATE Workshop™, as well as the High Performance Life™ mentoring program. * Yoram is known as the Personal Development Samurai due to his fast, fierce and focused coaching sessions. Yoram’s coaching sessions inspire and motivate people to embrace and express their inherent brilliance for both their own benefit and the greater good of others.

Gabriella Eileen Figueroa, CEO, Connecting the DOTS Network
“Yoram is a whole-hearted, knowledgeable and action-oriented trainer and coach. He gently

but persistently shows you the blind spots and limitations that are getting in the way of success. His insights and teachings are simply genius because he puts to understandable terms what is right in front of your nose but may not always in the realm of your conscious awareness. In this way, the changes he can facilitate are massive.”

Rosalyn Cua, Entrepreneur
Yoram helped me by offering his skills, knowledge and expertise on taking decisive action.

We worked together on a one day VIP workshop. Yoram’s presence was very supportive as he knew exactly how to speak with me to keep me engaged in the process. We started by my defining my values and creating a code. I review these notes regularly as they give me direction and keep me on track. I highly recommend spending time getting coaching from Yoram. You will not be disappointed with your decision.

Steve K from Steve Cushman Productions, Saskatoon, SK.
Working with Yoram for over the past year, I have gotten such a clear understanding…
of my value and high level promise that my business has completely transformed as a result. Thank you Yoram for your clarity and push to action which were so much a part of my professional transformation!
Lisa Broderick, Managing Partner Conversus Group LLC
In a one hour conversation, Yoram was able to pinpoint where I should be focused…
short term in order to lead me much closer to not only goals, but the bigger picture of purpose, and solve one of my big problems. I had felt quite stuck and frustrated and somehow I wasn’t able to see what now looks to be the obvious solution… but I wasn’t willing to look there. I am so thankful for his help and am excited to see what I can do with this. It’ll be a definite shift of focus, while maintaining the rest, and will bring me further faster. Thank you Yoram.
Angel Peterson, Red Deer, AB, Canada