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Dare. It’s a new approach to things!

You don't actually have to jump out of airplanes or climb walls to live a daring life. But you do have to dare. Why? because daring is what allows you to do things you haven't [...]

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Apply Curiosity to Engage Abuandance

There are many definitions to Curiosity and none that I love better than this: The Spirit of Inquiry. There is so much wisdom in this definition, that all the rest of them are, in as [...]

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Being: The Doorway To Letting Abundance In

Imagine yourself standing at the bank of a river. I bet that you wouldn't ask yourself "what if the water upstream stopped". It is just not the first question that most people would ask. The [...]

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One of my favorite definitions of the term "Abundance" is "oversufficient", meaning that we have more than we need. As we stand and the doorstep of 2017, a lot of us wish ourselves and [...]

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Let us be the peace seekers

My brother Master Photographer Ari Baltinester took this picture in The UNESCO Tolerance & Peace square in Haifa two years ago on Christmas eve. I believe that no country, no people, no religion and no ethnicity seeks [...]

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What do hermits do on Thanksgiving?

I was reflecting on what am I grateful for today. The first answer to come up was Guidance. I am grateful that when I open to it, guidance comes my way and allows people to [...]

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