picture5This morning’s beach walk was fun for a while until that 3ft wave came in. Totally different than the rest, and of course, much higher. A couple seconds later, completely wet and dripping, I started a slow retreat to my car, wondering if my proximity keys would even work, and counting my blessings…. Waterproof seat covers, check;¬†phone was in my hand not my pocket, check; Sun’s out and it’s not as cold, check!

The ocean is always playful with me (yeah, I project, so what). This morning it was like a big dog that hasn’t seen me for a while. Overly happy and all over me. Cool. Like I said, feels like coming back home.

Later, I noticed the missing part. I did not bitch and complain about the wave. I did not feel victimized by the ocean. I was not worried about the wet seat in the car. I did not even use bad language when it washed over me. And all that is unlike a previous me.

The difference? I released that self-pity.

So I decided to “follow myself” and watch where this takes me. I let it go, drove home, took a shower and went about my day until a few hours later, when while reflecting on what happened I asked myself what the ocean might symbolize for me.

I wasn’t prepared for how fast I got a response. One word came from my heart: ABUNDANCE. It sounded / felt like a different voice from what I am used to. And most of all, it felt right. Like that feeling I used to get long ago when I figured out a tough problem at work, and I JUST KNEW I GOT IT RIGHT.

That was it! The universe is trying it hardest to send me abundance and I was avoiding and complaining about it, and then I was feeling pity for myself. How funny is that? So I knew EXACTLY what to do next….

I went back home, changed again, went back to my ocean of abundance and straight in for a full 15 minutes of play in the water. It was wonderful. I don’t even feel bad about “wasting my day”. After all, I don’t need approval either! From an accountability place, there are many more hours in the day and I can make up for what I needed to do.

Needless to say, I feel great!

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