picture3I was reflecting on what am I grateful for today. The first answer to come up was Guidance. I am grateful that when I open to it, guidance comes my way and allows people to experience such powerful breakthroughs when they work with me. The next was Opportunity. I am grateful for the opportunity to empower and add value, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help people.

So far so good, right?

Next came my inner critic, my inner social ethics teacher, and my inner manners teacher, all having their version of the following….

“For crying out loud man, are you for real?? This is Thanksgiving! Can’t you be civilized enough to come up with something appropriate to be grateful for? Family? Friends? wife? health? children? food? roof over your head? What kind of a human are you? Where is your basic decency?” That went on for a little while.

And then I got it. I *am* that hermit. More than I could ever allowed myself to see and accept in the past. I recently wore a hermit costume, it felt very, very natural. And allowing myself to release my need for approval allows me to accept it. You see, I never wanted to be like Frodo. I always preferred Gandalf. Learning the mysteries of life and the world, most on his own, and coming to help when needed, for with great knowledge comes great responsibility.

And I always have a hard time with small talk. I never know the sports scores, don’t get involved in politics (as much as I can), I can’t swap recipes because I don’t know any. But talk to me about Personal Development and human potential and you’ll never get me to shut up again. Except that’s not party stuff. Or dinner talk.

Which brings me back to my question…. What *do* hermits do on Thanksgiving? I guess some read a good book. Others, like me, will go to friends and have dinner.

And they are, by the way, GOOD friends. People with big hearts and huge love for people and for the planet, for humanity and for peace. I am not miserable going there, I love them. I am just… not very conversational 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. You been a highlight in my life this past year. I love you all, and thank you for being in my life.